Hello. My name is Ron Smith. I had been a machinist, tool maker, draftsman and designer for the first 35 years of my working life with the last 16 years as a technology teacher at Cerritos College.

I started the Virtual Machine Shop for many reasons most of which are of little importance now, but it has evolved into what you see here: A technology instruction site making use of the written word coupled with the finest graphical support available.

We believe, and research has shown, that reading is still the the best way to learn and we have seen -- nay.. have been part of -- online learning from its inception so we can appreciate most views on how it should be done.

We are driven my members who believe like we do and who can take the time to work with us to develop new topics, correct errors, and write side bars for existing topics.

What is lacking now, if you are a teacher, is a course management system primarily because we use multiple authors and the structure is therefore loose. However we will be adding Moodle soon to allow the teacher to construct their own class.

We avoid lecture videos by teachers as in our view they are slow and mostly boring. However anyone who thinks strongly about it can certainly add a white board component to the topics as they choose. Just put them on Youtube and call them with links. We will embed them here.





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