Measurement Fundamentals - 4: Why Use Inches?
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WARNING: Machine tools present a safety hazard. Improper operation can result in severe injury. These topics are for non-laboratory study only and are not to be used in conjunction with the operation of any tool or machine described herein. Never use a machine tool without the supervision of a qualified instructor.
If the Metric System is the most widely used measuring system in the world and if it is also the most coherent and easy to use, why would one devote any time at all to studying the Inch System? The answer is that the First and Fourth Largest economies in the world use it: The United States and The United Kingdom.

Since so much of the world's machinery has been designed to Inch specifications and since the machinery operates using inch scales and since most of the blue prints used to make the machinery and parts to be fabricated on the machinery are in inch, then the Inch System is very worthy of discussion.

But it should also be noted that the United States is moving rapidly towards the metric system. Automobiles made in the USA are made to metric standards and the US military and aerospace industry has been exclusively metric for many years (a large part of the commercial aircraft industry is still primarily inch).

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