The Rotary Table - 2: The Parts of a Rotary Table
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WARNING: Machine tools present a safety hazard. Improper operation can result in severe injury. These topics are for non-laboratory study only and are not to be used in conjunction with the operation of any tool or machine described herein. Never use a machine tool without the supervision of a qualified instructor.
This video describe the parts of the rotary table

  • Work table: The work table is a circular working area with t-slots with which clamps are used to mount a work piece.
  • Crank: The crank handle rotates the table clockwise and counterclockwise. The handle on this table is geared so that one revolution of the crank handle turns the rotary table five degrees . There are micrometer divisions of five degrees around this handle. The table also has markings of 360 degrees
  • Clamp: There are two clamp levers to keep the table fixed once an angle has been found.
  • Base. The rotary table has two bases. One for a vertical axis of rotation as shown in the video and one for horizontal axis of rotation as shown in the above image.
  • Indexing pin: The indexing pin is a fast way to find and lock onto common angles. This rotary table has an indexing detent every five degrees of table rotation. A close look below shows the indexing pin not engaged and then engaged. The indexing pin will likely be spring loaded with a twist lock to keep it out of the indexing slots.
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