The Vertical Mill Head - 3: Attachments for the Vertical Head
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WARNING: Machine tools present a safety hazard. Improper operation can result in severe injury. These topics are for non-laboratory study only and are not to be used in conjunction with the operation of any tool or machine described herein. Never use a machine tool without the supervision of a qualified instructor.
There are a number of specialty attachments for the vertical knee mill that perform designed tasks.

The shaper attachment (near right) is for broaching and shaping operations such as keyways.

The high speed attachment (far right) is used to increase RPM to almost 10,000. This type of speed is sometimes required for very small cutters and hard materials.

The right angle attachment (right) is handy when the vertical spindle can not align with the work to be performed.. This is typical of large casting or forgings that cannot be easily rotated and aligned on the machine table.

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