5- The Milling Machine - Milling Machine Parts
The vertical knee mill is the most common milling machine found in machine shops today. Therefore it will be used as an example to describe the general parts of all mills.

Take a look a the milling machine parts and, as you read the text below, see if you can find the bold names in the image.

The head (drive) is that part of the drive system that transforms electrical power from a motor to mechanical power in the spindle. The drive system also allows the machinist to change the speed of the spindle (RPM) and therefore the cutting tool. The quill moves vertically in the head and contains the spindle in which cutting tools are installed.. The quill feed hand wheel moves the quill up and down within the head as does the quill feed lever. The knee moves up and down by sliding on ways that are parallel to the column.

The saddle sits on the knee and allows translation of the worktable. Sitting on the base is the column whose main function is to hold the turret. The turret allows the milling head to be rotated around the column's center. The overarm (ram) slides on the turret and allows the milling head to be repositioned over the table.

The longitudinal traverse hand wheel moves the worktable to the left and right, the cross traverse hand wheel moves the work table in and out, the vertical movement crank moves the knee, saddle, and worktable up and down in unison.