The Milling Machine - Ronald Smith
1: What is a Milling Machine? What is the difference between a milling machine and an engine lathe?

2: Types of Milling Machines: Vertical, Horizontal, Combination and Universal Machines. Brief history and a description of each machine type

3: The Bridgeport: History of the Bridgeport machine, the hallmark of vertical milling machines.

4: Mill Construction: Descriptions of the two basic construction types of milling machines, the column and fixed bed.

5: Milling Machine Parts: Explanation of the general parts of the milling machine with emphasis on the most popular, vertical machine type.

6: Changing Speeds How the step pulley and variable drive head speeds (RPM) work and how to change the speed on a machine

7: Milling Machine Movements: The four basic movements involving the milling machine table and quill and using the micrometer and collar to control and position the milling machine table

8: Quill Feed: Automatic quill feed features, how quill feeds work and feed ranges on Bridgeport style machines.

9: Backlash: Explanation of what backlash is and why it occurs, how to avoid backlash problems.

10: Milling Machine Maintenance: Preventative maintenance of machines and the importance of oiling and lubricating the machine.

11: Milling Machine Oil Pump: Oil pumps and how they work to lubricate the machine.