Bill of Materials - 2: Parts of the BOM
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Bill of Materials is frequently abbreviated as B/M or BOM in shop orders or shop travelers.

The B/M, sometimes called the Parts List, is usually on the face of a blueprint, but it can be a separate sheet in a set of blueprints. It can also be a separate set of pages that are issued by the purchasing department and other company functions. This topic will focus on the B/M found on the face of the blueprint.

The B/M is usually located on the lower right hand corner of the blueprint, above the title block. The style of the B/M varies between companies and industries, but will usually contain spaces for the following five basic pieces of information:

Note: All five pieces of information may not always be provided for every item on a blueprint because it is not necessary. This is especially true for smaller companies producing commercial products, because some of the information is generally understood as standard practice in the shop. Sometimes the part name and material/specification are combined into a single column called "description".

In the aerospace and defense industries, blueprints are very formal and will usually have a B/M block, even if the blueprint describes only a single simple part. There are a few differences between these formal blueprints and the more informal blueprints found in commercial practice. These differences will be discussed further in this topic.

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