5-Lathe Tools - Tool Posts

The type of tool post shown in figure1 is used more for heavy duty work. It allows for various different tools to be used without changing the tool holding mechanism of the lathe. Each tool is bolted into the tool post by means of three or four bolts, and if needed, shim stock can be used under the tool bit to achieve proper center height.

Note that quick change tool posts (figure 2) are available with many tool holder options (figure 3) and are easy to use (see video at that bottom of the page).

The standard tool post (figure 4) is used in conjunction with high speed steel tooling. This type of tool post can only be used where cutting forces are kept low because they have a tendency to move around under heavy cutting pressure. The standard tool post uses a tool post clamp screw to hold the tool holder down onto the rocker. The rocker is used to adjust the tool height to the center of the spindle.

Tool holder for standard tool post.

Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3