1- Brazed Carbide Tool Bits - Overview
Brazed carbide tool bits are a pretty regular find around the machine shop. They are used as a disposable tool but some shops resharpen the carbide with a green wheel (silicon carbide) grinding wheel) and reuse them.

There are many sizes and styles. To order a brazed carbide tool bit you will need to know the shank size and the style. The shank is square and the actual size is called out as multiples of 1/16 inch. For example a 1/2" shank would be 8/16 or just 8.

As you will see there are different styles that you will need to know too. For example a style A in the right hand configuration is an "AR" bit. So if you wanted a 3/8 shank with an AR brazed carbide cutting tip you would order an "AR6".

There are other numbers and letters that go with the tool number that signify carbide thickness, grade, and other data that is specific to the manufacturer.