14-Fixed Cycles on the Mill -Rigid Tapping
It should be noted that different manufacturers of CNC controllers have different rules for tapping. It is a good idea to review the machine's programming manual.

There are different ways to tap a hole on a CNC mill. One way is to use a compression tap holder... an expensive accessory device that has already been mentioned..

A more accurate, efficient, and convenient way to tap is rigid tapping. Rigid tapping is an optional controller feature available on many CNC machining centers. Rigid tapping controls the speed of the spindle in exact proportion to the spindle's Z feed.

There are different formats for compression tapping and rigid tapping. Many manufacturers have slightly modified G codes to enable their use properly.

Metric threads require the use of a Q word and a different formulation for the feed rate. Again, it is a good idea to read at the machine centers' programming manual to be sure.