9-Fixed Cycles on the Mill - G83

G83 - deep hole drilling cycle: G83 X1. Y1. Z1. R.1 Q.1 F6 G99

This cycle is used for deeper holes where it is required to clear chips and curls from the hole. Too many chips in a deep hole can cause breakage. This cycle drills a Q peck distance at the F feed rate then retracts at rapid speed back to the R rapid plane to clear out chips. It then rapids back into the hole, just short of the last depth, and begins another feed. After getting to the specified Z depth, it retracts at rapid.
G83 X1. Y1. Z1. R.1 Q.1 F6 G99

A rule of thumb about drill depths. If the drill depth is more than 3 times the diameter of the drill, then a G83 should be used. Like G73, the "Q" word is necessary to set the amount of drilling per peck.

A parameter in the controller will control the distance between the end of the rapid plunge and the new material to be drilled after each completed peck.