5 - Introduction to CNC code - A Program
A program is a series of blocks and normally contains a complete set of coded instructions required to completely machine a part or a predetermined portion of a part. A program can be as short as a few blocks or as long as many thousand blocks for complex parts. The program contains all the instructions and information necessary for the computer to command the machine to perform specified functions, ultimately resulting the complete machining of a part.

A program and all of its parts, can be equated to the English language as follows:

CNC Code Language English Language Equiv Comment
Character Character The characters are the same for both languages. (1,2,3...;,+,=,%....)
Word Word The word is merely a combination of characters in both languages. It's just that the combination of characters in the NC Code Language is a little different than we are used to seeing, but they are still words none-the-less
Block Sentence The block is equivalent to a sentence in the English Language. They both convey specific thoughts or commands and have punctuation that end them.
Program Memo or Letter The program is equivalent to a complete memo or letter in the English Language. They both are a combination of sentences/blocks that convey complete ideas (English) or completed parts (NC Code).