3- Introduction to CNC Code - A Word

A NC word is a series of characters arranged in a specified order that provides a specific command to the machine. A word consists of a address (discussed later) followed by numbers and/or symbols. Here are some examples - but not all - of the typical words:

CNC Word and example Description
F as in F12.0 Feed rate (as in 12.0 inches per minute)
G as in G1 Tool movement (as in linear interpolation while under feed control)
M as in M6 Miscellaneous function (as in tool change command)
N as in N100 Block sequence number (as in block number 100)
R as in R.25 Arc radius (as in 0.25 radius)
S as in S1250 Spindle speed (as in 1250 RPM)
T as in T3 Selection of tool (as in use tool number 3)
X as in X2.5 X-axis coordinate. (as in 2.5 inches in the X direction)
Y as in Y4.75 Y-axis coordinate. (as in 4.75 inches in the Y direction)